Attention carp fishing in ukiha

CARP fishing there is fishing several types of book I’m stuck with ukiha fishing rods. Is obsessed with the way Harris and beginning to use in their own thread limit, or how Fish Tycoon within that range. CARP fishing and I enjoy that.

Ukiha fishing rods, called ukiha fishing rod reel and ブッコミ fishing one carp fishing, fishing better there. CARP is called King of freshwater larger ones not exceed 1 m.
Large and heavy weight naturally.
With more than 1 m weight 12 kg will be back and forth.
Dae Jang geum ‘ world align the very extensive tool to win the battle with this fish.

Of course, so that’s one of the best carp fishing.
However, because I enjoy my own carp fishing with certain conditions themselves.

To match one-to-one with the carp, with limited tools for their own use. For example, that hard thing EveryZing carp 30 cm thick rod or yarn not.
However, privately no excitement.
However, and comes with EveryZing picks it in yarn thin rod, very thrilling in.

I had this awakening.
Is I think originally of appeal serving fishing and such thrilling and inspiring.
Single pole so decided maximum weight rods, threads, Harris tool to use.

Fishing carp can with their skills in the range and make a record of his thought.
CARP fishing is one very fun feel that starting from fishing this way. Able to update their records at pleasure the human juncture is still more.


Many anglers are fishing towards their have obsessions.
What do big little fish in the do the fish of many little?
So it is a free enjoy everybody.
With fishing, perhaps just drift that is trolling but eventually fun like disappears. Enjoy having obsessions for long it might be one.


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