[Astronomical observation] so memorize the constellation reference

Star and star plate, but I looked up at the sky the first horoscope I know. Take easy and descriptive criteria would be first in mind.

There are people looking up at the sky, that is what this goes very quickly.
But it pointing any amateur dimly and would often do not know what. But they know who we know now why? From it you know signs and landmarks are.
Constellation placemarks and says something, it is a bright star.
ならいません did first stars, 2 stars and in science class, childhood? I’m looking for Constellation with the brightest, Prime Star standards, easy to understand.
Try starting from first look for Dipper and the 12 zodiacal constellations is?? From there stars also catchy, is one of them like to.
From the start from nothing like what I like. However, much like the confusing constellation let after it.


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