[Bug capture] tricks to catch a butterfly

But in urban areas has been less I think when going to the Park and outdoor insects such as dragonflies and butterflies found often.
Old I was swing capture Web bugs in the neighborhood frequently Difficult memories must catch flying insects.
I introduce a little trick to catch butterflies such bugs capture network.

Turn off the wild excitement

Think and say about insects in General, when catch and noisily run
Before noticed Web and voice, or catch insects will run away.
Also speed and chasing insects fly towards it away quickly. I think one of the tricks that keep out of sight of bugs you want to catch the quietly approaching catch.

Butterfly habit

Butterfly habit as the obligatory way of butterfly called the butterfly road route passes.
In other words, if you wait where I found rather than chasing butterflies, butterflies are flying So butterflies come back to its root likely caught.

Tweak network will shake.

To focus butterflies in my memory, tussock or low trees and bushes around the trees and ground network
Then caught and shaken up and down or away from the clearance, when networks from think so had you or away. I think the next network aimed at the moment as the knack, Butterfly flew away from the trees and flowers, with a twist at the entrance of the net to close well.


I know the habits of insects, and easier to catch. Please try!


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