Safe to climb Mount Fuji

Advice to everyone regardless of age, gender, Mt. Fuji, like can be summited certainly is.

To have to hesitate and impossible little… even Fuji would likely climb once Japanese kana. That may not be still so comfortably climbed Mt., Fuji’s highest Japan. But a tidy little if it is okay.
Having first time dates. To be climbing Mt. Fuji of a lot better, trails are maintained very cleanly. Because agility is okay who can stair rises down first.
However, because the thin oxygen, “cardio come about when the moving foot. Therefore, anxious people let’s stay overnight to fifth. Altitude acclimatization is optimal and the weather is fine you starry sky is outstanding. And we slowly slowly 登りましょう. So they sit and fatigue increases, consumers stopped breathing. If you have a stock first foot is fine. If you breath came up a little and stop.
Still painful when use mobile oxygen cylinder. To worship the sunrise to stay overnight in the ninth when anymore. I feel unnecessary stifling lie. Elderly person or which might also be good wall around the NAP. Well use oxygen. Tired of 吹っ飛びます 拝んだら sunrise.
Help the stock down does not burden the knee, as. Struggled but made fast down lies like is disappointing. However, it is useless. When symptoms of headache, sickness, let down gracefully. So slowly, slowly is.


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