Tips help you camp

Is a great outdoor life limited, unlike those accustomed to the convenience of everyday, but not often. However, or why not stand out so when various tricks with?

Aluminum foil

Foil of the strong heat and gained some strength is a powerful ally in the great outdoors. Fish boil it? will leverage the strong thermal characteristics
Rice with toasted said it is good. However, several photos, will be dish instead.

To use the Stones River

Things have just not all.
Shimaimashou using in situ. Look for big stone River if flat surface. Pretty, wash it, carrying the twigs and surface let’s bake some.
Is 温まったら much water evaporates it iron tablets. Is pottery stone barbecue is also fun!

Boiling dash grilling stone

If ignited, let’s bake pebbles washed together pretty well. Mugs and pots and put stones heated water and boil dash.
That’s watch out for not containing any cracks or cracking it. Stones have breaks in the temperature difference.


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