BBQ featured spot in Tokyo

Introduce the spots in Tokyo barbecue (BBQ) picks (off the beaten path).

America camp Mura (Oku-Tama)
 Easily enjoy BBQ nakaoku Tama in the wilderness.
 For the Creek that flows next to the barbecue place, bathing suit
 We recommend you bring.
 It is possible to stay for the cottages there is a.
 BBQ equipment can be rented to buy only food and drink Easily you can barbecue.
Oi Wharf ( Pier ) Central Ocean Beach Park
 Oi Wharf Central Ocean Beach Park and Woods is sports baseball fields and tennis courts
 Greatly divided into two forest spread Keihin Canal along the beach.
 BBQ Beach forests is available, other barbecue.
 Enjoy the beach, and fishing.
 BBQ equipment rental is not for the need to bring all aircraft until from ingredients There.
Harumi Ocean pier park Cruise ship terminal is Park’s symbol.
 Because space is spread
 There are a lot of people catch, etc.?
 For BBQ equipment rental is also not bring any equipment until ingredients from You must be.
Metropolitan shiokaze Park barbecue Plaza
 Is the biggest rinkai Fukutoshin Seaside Park.
 And all other equipment necessary for BBQ ingredients becomes a set of packages in the Park Easy, empty-handed BBQ available.
Water park barbecue Plaza
 BBQ enjoy along the River in the park with the largest park in Tokyo.
 Because kiosks selling drinks and BBQ necessary ingredients and equipment set Guests can enjoy barbecue empty-handed.
Kasai rinkai Park and
 An attractive BBQ non-tuna, Ferris ‘ aquariums.
 Many facilities. Barbecue is a complete reservation system.
 You can use package plan Material handling equipment and ingredients are not required.
Municipal camping
 You can enjoy barbecue day camps and overnight camping in the tent.
 Also increasingly a multipurpose Plaza, cycle facilities, and fishing facilities.
 For BBQ equipment rental is not bring any equipment until ingredients from You must be.
Kiba Park ,
 It is possible because it is a fairly large park and spacious to barbecue.
 For BBQ equipment rental is not bring any equipment until ingredients from You must be.
Light Hill Park
 Other barbecue facilities, a various Stadium baseball, soccer, tennis, etc.
 Is a park. No cooking facilities, the apparatus used must provide their own.

Empty-handed to バーベキュー [method]
For some companies to arrange food and barbecue equipment,
It is possible to save the hassle of shopping places read and ingredients.
          Estimated rental charge: 1,500 yen per person equipment only 2000 yen + 3,000 Yen per person food equipment from around 4,000 yen
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