[Knowledge Base] selection camp

When choosing a camp
Nice after selection by what standards? Easily summarize the basic conditions of the camp’s selection.

[Base camp selection]
1. Terrain is moderately good drainage.
2. To ensure that drinking water nearby
3. Beyond the damage to swell so far
4. Quiet land away from the crowds
5. No grass have poisons, stinging people such as bees, mosquitoes and gnats bug
6. So far avoided falling , lightning, storm damage
7. Now that can ensure the Lifeline of the transported goods such as
8. Place near the hospital, or easy-to-go
9. Place of shadow of the wind Symphony at least sunny
10. Swamps, lakes and rivers clean like you can bathe in best
11. Where trees relatively ensure rich fuels such as


Summary of??
I achieved the basic criteria for selection of several campgrounds
Is it necessarily meet all that hard.
Just pinch that choose thinking time.
Finally, as much as possible to enjoy camping Even relatively large place is near the best!


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