[First]-how to choose a shinai

System of Government choosing shinai used for the first time is?

Weight and length of the shinai is decided in the game rules.

Beginners to first buy shinai below to measure good will.

Extent length: floor-to-fit underarm ( Pack cut long. )

※ The alias and the length of the shinai

99 Cm 2 dimensions (さぶに) it

It 105 cm size 4 (さんよん)
It 111 cm 6 dimensions (さぶろく)
It 7.0sun (さんなな) 114 cm
Three dimensions shakuhachi (117 cm さんぱち) It dimensions 9 (thunk) 120 cm

Weight… in General, University student (man) 500 g~ 470 g degree

General and university students (female) 420 g~ 400 g degree
High school student (man) 470 g~ 450 g degree
G~ high school (female) 410 390 g degree
Junior high school student (man) 425 g~ 400 g degree
During the (female) students 400 g~ 380 g degree schools Elementary school students as light is better

[Point here! 】

First, always have to choose.


-Examine the rules online.

-Check the center of gravity.
( before gravity can do after the gravity or )
Check at the milestone-roughly the same position.
Or-grip or too thick too narrow, without the check. -Take into account the weight of the accessories when.


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