Stand out simple, fragrant tea, delicious tea recipe

Teaches you how to make delicious tea tea teas can be bought at the supermarket, stand out the smell.

Materials required

  • Hot water
  • Personalized tea bag tea


  1. Pour the hot tea, or heat-resistant glass
  2. Turn your favorite tea hot water poured in,
  3. So 冷まさない hot, wait 3 minutes to put hot tea or a glass lid.
  4. Three minutes later, stay in the bottom color of the tea comes out
  5. Remove the bags and mix gently with a tea spoon
  6. It is made of delicious tea scent stand out

Notes and tips

  • Hot water is boiling is good
  • The down swing the tea bag in hot water and tried the tea color soon is not good when you put the tea bags


So you know ‘味って tea, aroma it was possible”serves delicious.


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