When the bubbles in beer disappeared to revive!

Bubble disappears too delicious and pouring beer from it over time, disappears. Actually in a simple way, you can revive the foam.

Just like using chopsticks when to revive the bubbles in beer can. How easy!
Is dropping several tukaani mightily during the beer only.
Only you can revive the froth has disappeared, only.
Significant amount of carbon dioxide, contains beer, it is
Stimulus made of liquid carbon dioxide put the chopsticks to also bubble is coming out.
Surface of the chopsticks Visual visibility cannot be as is stimulation by touching the fluid (= beer), carbon dioxide and this decoboco our small decoboco there are many things added to the carbon dioxide bubbles emitted.
When you want a more scientific description there site below. http://www.a-Phys.Eng.Osaka-cu.AC.jp/Kato/Genko/may/may.html


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