[Overseas] staggered blooming measures light therapy

One of ways to mend the jetlag is a light therapy. So can be used to improve lifestyle difference between blur than take in mind.

Light therapy effective for jetlag.
Well, what is light therapy? It is bathed in light as the name suggests, in adjusting the clocks.
Clock cycle and 25 hours in the human body.
And will be reset when I awoke it was bathed in light. Research results “and continue to reverse 浴びない light life rhythm of life collapses one hour comes.
In other words, how to reset the body clock by Asahi bathed in the wake is called light therapy.
Keep Sun bathing in the daytime, adjusts the body clock more effectively.
Is happening even time zones to take advantage of this, when the morning travel bathed in light, force, prepare the body clock.
Of course, this is not just jet-lagged, lifestyle changes are effective. By all means try it.


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