Typical tourist Chiba [travel / travel]-theme list

This is a list of typical sights of Chiba Prefecture and theme parks.

-Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland has opened 1983 as the third Disneyland in the world. Many people visit Japan domestic, as well as to Asia and all over the world. Said difficult securing a long-term income and leisure facilities, Tokyo Disneyland and sea is even Japan Dan far’s sales to leave.
-The main Zoo
 Chiba Zoological Park
 Ichihara elephant country Ichikawa City Zoological Park
-The main Aquarium
 Dog barking Kawasaki Marine Park Kamogawa Sea World
The main theme
 Tokyo Disneyland
 Tokyo DisneySea
 Funabashi h. c. Andersen Park
 Chiba Prefecture kodomonokuni theme park
 Tokyo Germany village
 Science Museum bridge Roman forest Republic


Chiba Prefecture throttle as well as enjoy Disneyland children. Come visit as holidays??

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