List of amusement parks and typical tourist destination [travel & travel: Gunma prefecture

This is a list of typical sights of Gunma prefecture and theme parks.

-Blowing percent falls Is the fault cracked tone village, facing left and falling, unusual shape falls. Provided Valley and the natural monument, a national scenic spot in the name of “blowing crack joge and fall blowing crack” together. Can closer falls ago low water, feels its powerful just around the corner.
-The main Zoo
 Kiryu’s Oka Zoo Gunma Safari Park
Theme park
 Karuizawa toy Kingdom
 Gunma cycle Sports Center
 Skyland shibukawa Park
 A relationship between a wintry pattern Memorial Museum
 Usui pass Railway Heritage Park ice
 Marble village Lockhart Castle
 Moonlight night’s wild ブロードパーク
 IKA holding toys and dolls, car Museum Akagi Kogen Ranch Kronenberg


Rich nature and blessed with numerous Springs inland Prefecture and Gunma prefecture. Holiday, come visit?.

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