Typical tourist destinations in Ibaraki [travel / travel]-theme list

This is a list of typical tourist destinations in the Ibaraki Prefecture and theme parks.

-Hitachi elegance of Its height has said nearly 15 meters hikiyama open 5 Gables manipulative Karakuri Dolls at each stage, travels from the old Hitachi, Hitachi elegance of. In World War II, received the blow is temporary, approached the current shape of late Edo period and is said was restored in 1957. Every year April Sakura appeared at the Festival, Flower Festival.
-The main Zoo Bite’s Zoo
-The main Aquarium Oarai-AquaWorld
The main theme
 Park’s bite
 Agricultural Park potillon Edo Cape Woods State-owned Hitachi Seaside Park


In recent years to join the ranks of the developed industrial Prefecture, has undergone further evolution, Ibaraki Prefecture. Holiday, come visit?.

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