Typical tourist destinations in the Fukushima Prefecture [travel / travel]-theme list

This is a list of typical attractions of Fukushima Prefecture and theme parks.

And soma fields umaoi Soma field umaoi made in late July at the old soma clan territory of the municipality is told as Taira no masakado began martial arts training. While traditional armor horse ride horse 野袴 in it a white hachimaki, 沸かせます tourists much brave at the spanking streaming difference flag.
-The main Aquarium Aquamarine Fukushima
The main theme
 Spa Resort Hawaiians
 Koriyama just
 Adachi-Hara Furusato village
 Tohoku Safari Park Iwaki City coal fossil Museum


Fukushima Prefecture located in southern Tohoku region, has become the bridge between Kanto and Tohoku. Visit tourism such as holidays?.

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