Typical tourist Akita [travel & Tour]-theme list

This is a list of typical Akita Prefecture tourist destination and theme parks.

-Akita 竿灯
Akita 竿灯 Tanabata event alongside the Sendai Tanabata Festival and Aomori nebuta Festival has become one of the 3 Festival Northeast, held August 4-7 each year.
Gradually incorporated and the prayer of dedication, to regain the vigor was originally called “sleep out” and brushed off the Sandman was customary, is now a large tourism festivals. Hanging Lantern close to 50 more hypertonic expression below the kudan, shoulders and hips, 練り歩きます.
Shirakami-Sanchi, World Heritage Committee in 1993, the beech tree lined and Aomori prefectures.
-The main Zoo Omori Mountain Zoo
-The main Aquarium OGA Aquarium GAO
The main theme
Mainland tail leaving swamp Akita Furusato village


Rich in traditions, such as akitakomachi”rice, Akita Prefecture. Come visit holiday?. It of course also the bijin Akita are many!

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