Odd laugh Festival Wakayama Prefecture Hidaka district, Hidaka-Cho Niu shrine

Held each October in hidakagawa, Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture, Hidaka-gun Dan grade shrine in annual

In the Palace of laughter Niu, annual Shinto shrine kannazuki (October) second Sunday, a strange Festival “Festival of laughter”.
Was Niu capital Princess life to attend meetings of the God far distant since time immemorial opened in the country of Izumo kannaduki annually in the old days, for the first time that morning departure to oversleep away late, away at ふさぎこんで.
Worried villagers who wanted to control offered to the gods, piling the Wildflowers of PAE-Baek 福枡 desire “laugh at laugh at” and comfort 勇気づけました life. Increased smiles all life, and left to Izumo, ascended the safety role plays. While “laughter Weng” fancy was painted white with the villagers, and endured the importance of things say “laughter” in life it’s shake Bell, a traditional festival called and followed from the Edo period through the “laugh at and laugh at” is a bizarre Festival.



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