Festival? s saidaiji, Okayama [tradition and culture of Japan]

One of the three great myotsu-JI Japan, introduction to Festival? s saidaiji, Okayama.

One of the three great myotsu-JI Japan, Festival? s saidaiji, Okayama and as the naked Festival’s famous West otera meeting Yang ( keep important can be ), held each February 3rd Saturday night in the city of Okayama saidaiji Temple Kan. Fierce battle waged over two 2/19, one Ding loincloth man about people who will be dropped at 12 midnight hōgi (Hsin Yi) 2005 ( 0/2005 ).
A brave nude saidai-ji Temple soon spread beyond the 500-year Gala.
Specified important intangible folk cultural asset in Okayama Prefecture 1959 ( 0/1959 ).
Originally West otera of Yang’s 27 lunar new year new year’s day was done at midnight 14 modification of harvest followed by that between the 14th ( にしちにち )
Got done pilgrims in February, the third Saturday every year from 1962 ( 0/1962 ). Naked Festival overview is divided into old town saidai-ji Temple two North-South harvest day, and drumming inform ( 午後 9、10、11 時 ): 触れ太鼓. People to join the meeting Yang was wearing “done gone wasshoi, made gone wasshoi” that then enters the environment than the Yamato with internationalization through the stone gates, purified himself acahana (lump) took a place at once it sanctuary ranks 1000, visit to cow ball, great gongen, behind the main hall and from 四本柱.
After passing the 四本柱 into this press double (おおゆか) the main hall. Body is heated to Shimizu took place in acahana, tracing the cow ball Institute, 四本柱, double course again jostling to join.  
Towards Shimizu (せいすいかた) sow in ladle water from the side window of the 御福 window. First throwing cow ball (なげごおう) ( branch beef ball (えだごおう), skewered beef (くしご), throw cows (なげご) also called bunch of 1 to 5-6 thin wood of willow winding small cow ball paper, that connects 紙縒 (strands). ): hōgi (Hsin Yi) is thrown, tossed a bunch of 100 or so.
Wound has two paired 1 hōgi cow ball paper (ごおうし) is a talisman that dropped at the same time. All lights will be erased is the moment of the bombing, hōgi dropped a scramble for the moved gradually to the environment and double (おおゆか) the main hall, called the vortex of some groups traded unfolds.
Furthermore, in recent years and limited hōgi scramble Temple, have difficulties meeting Yang 奉賛 is invalid. “Hōgi came out well” to “until the announcement is the goddess of mercy Institute sees contacts continued. Sometimes knowing whether what hōgi second book came out, no announcements announcements would only one time.
The crowd was around, hōgi understand that environment no longer started, naked Festival ends. Hōgi is read mostly ( 拾い主 who finally hōgi ) by MOTOKI inspection useful 寺僧 切り放した hōgi Sharpener (sharpens hōgi from hōgi BARAKI event) when after a temporary, at masuichi 1 Shou and that brought in saidaiji Temple Chamber environment, hōgi temporary office is specified, piled up rice and 1 Shou masuichi hōgi interlocked ( also and wood that ) to determine whether you meet. If the genuine hōgi transported celebration included celebrations mainly prepared to sunny certified in Fuzhou man and read the Lord. ( in recent years, celebrated the Lord determined to advance by Yang 奉賛 Association. ) hōgi 山主 proceeded to the temple is placed in the vermilion round feretory pass congratulations primarily, to pray for. Thus hōgi will celebrate Lord’s. Celebrate the Lord’s 45 cm x 120 cm-white forehead Andon ( calyx Andon Lantern oblong in shape like ), great book in the 御福 get greeted read primary and Abbot of ) 山主 to the celebration. Hōgi is not divine help eliminate in one year, is celebrating the Lord every year before Yang brought hōgi Temple prayer, will be held, a new feeling.


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