[Travel / travel] 5 you can sleep at night bus convenience items

Many recent cheap prices even being to use night bus travel and home. Just’s first ride by sitting for a long time may feel rather hard.
Then introduces the useful items to bus travel more comfortably. Please refer to it.

An air pillow

Night bus it may be said that staple of travel goodies is an air pillow can be used even take place.
Being covered neck sweatshirt, also puzzled by the next friendly will take. To sleep sitting in is to suggest significant dish. 100 Yen so I sold the shop also serves one of the best.


Bus is the worse of ventilation air is very dry. Because there is a risk particularly catch a cold winter, masks with respect that protect from drying out any better.

Ear plugs

Noise may considerably engine sounds of the bus, night bus. If it bad luck plagued ‘snoring’ of other passengers.
And have one ear plugs may spend a comfortable night at such time.


Sitting for a long time that bath sheet gradually painful hips will. And the particularly back pain have good will easily chill is providing a cushion.
Try using 1.25 so portable cushion type inflating with air travel also has commercial use there instead of to the luggage so?.

Eye masks

Night bus that will be off soon is not completely dark, with no light, such as street lamps come from gaps in the curtain.
From appearing there is the eye but not luggage have prepared one of the better isn’t either. See also people to substitute the towel during the nocturnal bus users instead of masks.


I have prepared such useful items as soundly may better ready to sleep.
Keep tired I wonder what state and ride in explosion travels well feeling morning come because in some cases yes, I did see it.



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