Sea and mountain camp which is like?

Camp come around in a natural boom, is your “Sea School” “Mountain School”?

So long they’re camp, anytime and anywhere you camp is the trunk of his car throughout the year, as camp tool kit is.
But camp’s recent format change back to think.
乗り付け in the car until the camp prepares a big table and chairs, cases brought in generators until there are. You think so that there is no overwhelming many camp at sea, night fireworks and hear the sounds of nature,.
I camp carrying tents and bags of a minimum of Luc, climbed the mountain, and will be camping in the mountains.
People nowadays can not keep the minimum Manor mountain campsite but it increased, but inevitably I camp also changed Lined the tent where drinking water can be somehow, feel, not everyone in the mountains, brought the sound of frogs, small astronomical telescope while listening to voice of the OWL, observing nature and celestial observations, time is my mountain camp.
I think and hope there can be more such camps.


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