How to enjoy the romantic starry sky in Hawaii [travel & travel]

I think there are a lot of people think of Hawaii, Oahu Honolulu go tourism, introducing how to enjoy the romantic starry sky Island, starry sky pretty, very.

If you see the stars in Hawaii island

And city lights stars is hard to see what is so everywhere in the world. Once out of Honolulu Oahu Island will become easier to look, ideal lights, beautiful island air show star.

Climb the Mauna care is necessary if it wants to star in the world,

Mauna care is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands volcanoes (4,205 m).
And measure from the Pacific ocean bottom, is height of 10,203 meters and, pulled the Mt. Everest highest mountain in the world. One of the best astronomical observations from the air is clear, in the world where said.

-Sky research Mecca, there are 13 Astronomical Observatory

Mauna care Observatory of the world also gather.
And the sky seen in the other is at 300 sunny days per year, less the amount of water vapor from the observed said. Japan Observatory “Subaru”. Is you can visit the Subaru Telescope.

Book sky tour

Naturally, so go to the stars will be driving at night. Honolulu Unlike so many dark road going solo think hard and not the people know well that the big island of Hawaii. Tour booking is GOOD.
Guide for Japan you know I also could have shuttle while taught that the stars, because there are many,. We introduce some tours. Contact is Japan from the Internet.

Note When the observation of the starry sky

Summer is Mauna care cold above 4,000 m Hawaii though, so!
Each tour company will lend, jacket, it’s a good trainer, Parker, also took the individual. If and only beach Sandals from hi nice, is a big mistake! Athletic shoes such as we have.


Can climbs Mauna care en route to see the sea of clouds, per the Onizuka Visitor information centre in the sky is literally star-studded! And, no difference in landscape seen from the Observatory at the Summit, is impressed.
It always only Oahu go, sky tour is recommended if you go to Hawaii for the first time, of course to repeat the!


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