[Travel] Taiwan travel recommended points

Recommended point of Taiwan trip can be relatively inexpensive to minimize expenses,

The Taipei National Palace Museum and the night city

Feeling the weight of History Museum Can collection in Beijing would normally, but late-Palace Museum. It is often work more than the number of Beijing, and memorable. From here you will find Taiwan with China.
Delicious shop, sweets, enhancement of stall Japanese mouth to many meals. If breakfast is let go in the stalls. Xiaolongbao are particularly delicious.
Night night time city. Offers delicious sweets. Is kinda sweet amount less a, try different things.

Jioufen is a town in film

-Became model for Miyazaki movie rumors building is. Town takes over two hours by express bus from Taipei, I would go come. “Ruthless affair” that 20 years ago, is a town became the stage for the film. This film at the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion works have received awards.
You can also said Yu-Baba’s “spirited away” spirited Hotel model building and then drink the tea. Is the name of the building called “tea-sister Lou”.
Nine is on a hillside overlooking the sea which is a hill town. Tea shop and restaurant, lots located close to the many stone.


Taiwan will ask local people fast, often leading to write Chinese characters.
Many people speak the Japan language is old age. Enjoy a massage or horoscopes, unaccompanied women, even you can enjoy variety.


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