Check for overseas travel

Arriving from abroad find behind, so I have is how possessions ( tumbling )

Imagine a journey

I do not know or now, and start preparing for travel can prepare from what. By so much follow the journey, to remember what each scene that we recommend.
Let us recall process. Plane ride sleep occur, immigration, bus ride, to hotel to check-in the shower, sleep, happen, go to makeup, breakfast, toothpaste, shopping, lunch, and pool…
Thus, you can see to many actions during the trip. First of all, consider action at the local step-by-step order.

What you need to export each process

Could follow the process order, so let’s recall what you need to.
Sleep passport when boarding the plane, when necessary, hotel stuff from with using, etc. What will fast listed like this.
Consider this total minutes. The shoes and clothing at the time to be sure to list.

Overseas travel and bring useful stuff

Guidebook Hoskin and means hanging around, let’s bring guidebooks, such as Maple. Description of the currency and local maps and emergency is useful for troubleshooting, such as listed.
Transformer and plug Now available is a mobile phone remains abroad recently.
In electronic devices such as digital camera cameras also became also need to now charge during an overseas trip. So, the transformer and plug is useful. Goods accumulate at different voltage Japan products and foreign connectors connect plug transformers use a different form, and don’t know is.


Trick is easier to understand, such as list and try to make it together.


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