Disney Resort Lybra

Is the speed of the popular attractions?
62 Km-Splash Mountain
Space mountain 50 km
Big Thunder Mountain 45 km intern
Jet Star 30 km And so on, of the story in the know and surprising information, attractions and wait to be still introducing talk.


  1. Mickey stamp pressed and put out a post from a post specified in the Park will be mailed.
    The various BGM flows by each area Disneyland in BGM,
    The boundaries of the areas, feel very uncomfortable.

    It seems to be water force.
    “Water”, always flowing to the verge also BGM at the entrance area of volume
    Other than and up a little of that.
    So the area that was ever-“water” and “new area”


    And so can hear from nature into.
    From the TDL is outside watching disturbed, trees and TDL of buildings from the TDL inside it, Not lively the rest of the world.
    Therefore, all official hotels

    To be built in below a certain height, will contract with TDL.
    At Tokyo Disneyland, brochures to tell the truth to TODAYS information
    Small event that isn’t listed there.
    For example, or in music and performance.
    Those events is the patterns suddenly disappear suddenly appeared as a principle
    Time begins to tell the truth and they decided on Mainstreet ‘house near the entrance”

    It is going to tell some.
    Who wants to show is many times go to Disneyland, and until now is recommended.
    Smoking near the shops and shops near the exit of the attraction.
    And tobacco is normally sells cigarettes, buy it here
    Moreover, would ITDL original match. Smokers please buy at Disneyland.


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