Off the beaten path toilet information before going to Disneyland

Early Disneyland adding ー!
But I want to go to toilet?.
Before going to the Park also circumstances your toilet is quite unavoidable. So “clean”, “empty”, introduces star are toilet spot

I’m off the beaten path and Bon voyage.

Upon arriving in maihama station, I want to go to the toilet can not?
And dirty toilets of the station, from a small number may have crowded;
The went up around the Park, but the toilet is? And I too, only back to the station or whatever…?
Outside the station is the toilet?
I got panic?
So you recommended [Bon voyage] is 1 floor bathroom.
Bon voyage and to go to Disneyland from maihama station know that
Is the image building, one of the largest Disney Gift Center.
Here, on weekdays from 8 a.m. holidays and is available immediately from 7:30 during season.
Down the stairs here is 1 floor there beautiful here, many with toilet!
Are often toilets here are free everyone go at full speed Park, bought a souvenir 2 floor (which actually is 1 floor like an interval), so at the end.
Since once entered and opened at the same time, especially put roughly soon crowded, even
Dad gone and is enough time, along with the Park! I remember, this place is quite useful-.
Sounds get landing.



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