Partner Hotel chapter perks of the Disney Resort area hotels!

Decided to go to Disneyland!
I I booked hotels!
And, surprisingly, even those who don’t know? Know, know all?
An award
I’m a rank each of the hotel! This chapter of the partner hotels of introducing.

Partner hotels-six.

Urayasu Brighton hotel is a system of Government
System of Government (formerly known as: Shin-urayasu Oriental Hotel) Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay
System of Government Palm & fountain Terrace Hotel?? Palm Terrace Hotel
Fountain terrace hotel??
Hotel emion Tokyo Bay,??
Mitsui ガーデンホテルプラナ Tokyo Bay,??
These hotels are one year often sleep at affordable prices throughout the hotel!
Even official and private travel site various plans out.
Disneyland, DisneySea than even a little further, stretch legs Is walking distance to facilities in Tokyo to play nice!

Three benefits:

Partner hotel and shuttle??
A dedicated bus is touring the bus each partner hotel and each park!
When tired, lectin, free, so are reduction of transportation costs are one-stone!
You can buy tickets ahead in the hotel, besides the long line of park ticket purchased Park in the hotel near??!
Unfortunately to admission regulations when security is not Park is always include a sufficient number of scale.
I’d put in General, you don’t worry!
System of Government assigned 100 yen per pay バゲッジデリバリー 500 Yen one service and one additional better.
Take advantage of the service to deliver the luggage entrusted, in the home delivery service counter, level 1 maihama “ヴォンヴォヤージュ” hotel.
Pay is partner friendly, cheap, it is “バゲッジデリバリー service”!
Distance is pretty much in some cases, partner hotels. Hotel deposit once on unabated.
Worry not!… or locker is filled with possibly even! Also limit the size of luggage not service the hotel begin thinking cheap, worth 10.


Compared with official partners and benefits may be less
Most worried when still playing in the Park, Tim Ross and luggage problems, like I feel.
Plan benefits help to resolve it, use should play very deals!
Paid, but are not depositing luggage locker is filled!
Hotel little distant, but shuttle bus there! It is know that deals with people enjoy it is!




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