Official chapter perks of the Disney Resort area hotels!

Decided to go to Disneyland!
I I booked hotels!
And, surprisingly, even those who don’t know? Know, know all?
An award
I’m a rank each of the hotel! This is official chapter of introducing.

Official Hotel is six.

System of Government Tokyo Sunroute
System of Government Sheraton Grande Tokyo hotel
Hilton Tokyo Bay,??
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay,??
System of Government Tokyo Bay maihama Hotel Club resort
Tokyo Bay maihama hotel,??
Official Hotel is a choice of 6 hotels!
Better be glad that is far cheaper price compared to the Disney hotels.
However, there is just and decent hotel.
Buka, Buka bets, and there are hotel amenities, bath It is also to be four 泊まったら, stop in 3,000 yen per person?

The official award six too!

System of Government Park tickets in the hotel ( queue also OK!
) System of Government guarantees the park entrance ( admission regulations have always put!
) System of government purchase of カウントダウンパス port ( buy tickets accommodation including 12 月 31 日’re always day!
) System of Government free バゲッジデリバリー service ( could keep luggage free of charge!
) System of Government プリチェッ Quinn ( advance check-in procedures with the Welcome Center!
) System of Government hotel shuttle! ( may become Mickey’s pet bath?
What receive 6 awards!
Even the street price deals glad there are official hotels!
Well equipped, regardless of the five awards given.
In particular, do not forget that first of all [プリチェッ Quinn] and [バケッジデリバリー service].
Welcome Center visible left of maihama station, on the day of check-in to go to the
Fast should I get to keep the check-in and baggage.
But you went to the hotel this morning leave your luggage all the way, can we get from Park Hotel now!
Disney hotels are a benefit, it is this official hotel.
It is great.
Further, you may have seen the bus window of Mickey’s around the resort?
Many of the hotel is direct to the hotel, such as the buses free of charge from maihama station.
This bus is Windows Mickey, while Mickey mark to announce Mickey…?
I’m!, an exciting bus. So guests can ride free this too, is also a flirty lectin.


Redemption price Cook deals, so there is the official hotel.
So personally, venues and prices is substantial as the ranks of the friends, feel free to stay in the hotel
Would be most happy!
Also, and would be paid, can I put it back luggage at check-in Welcome Center hotel services
Resort Cruiser type special luggage sent home to Dan and service can send bought a ball there.
Official site and your hotel please check further service. A good every time!




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