[Three major museums of the world] British Museum @ UK

Number of the world in the Museum and the Museum
One of the three major museums
I visited once lifetime!
I think there are a lot of people think. So is a three theories has three museums!
And the
United Kingdom is 絞れません, one of them said, Let me introduce the “British Museum in London”.

Museum overview

Is the largest museum in the world tell as well as the British Museum is right on the glory of the British Empire.
About 7 million points such as art and books and spoils all ages and houses
( approximately 150000 points out permanent display ) mummies of ancient Egypt and
Sculptures of the Parthenon, the MOAI statues of Easter Island, part of the Sphinx
As the ancient Egypt character hieroglyphs written monument “Rosetta Stone”
Can appreciate the treasures collected from around the world, but in here at 1.
British Museum admission is since its creation, a free, Aren’t commercial available seems to be through photography and sketching.
Museum information
 Exhibition surface area 56, 600 m²
Address British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B3DG
        Opening hours 10:00-17:30 ( exhibition has extended the closing time on Thursday and Friday stock ) closed, new year’s day and Saint day, 24-26, 12 nearest station Holborn (500 m)
Russell Square (800 m) URL http://www.britishmuseum.org/ [googleMap name = > “the British Museum /”] British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B3DG [/googleMap]



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