Overseas [Cafe] menu

Enough so that when abroad Cafe

Provides a typical Cafe menu.
Incidentally international café, coffee & tea outside.

Is drinkable alcohol, including beer.

[English] Café menu
  System of Government coffee (coffee)
  blackcoffee (black coffee)
  coffee with milk ( capheole )

iced coffee (iced coffee)
  System of Government tea (tea)
  tea with lemon ( lemon tea )

milk tea ( milk tea )
  System of Government beer (beer)
  bottle beer (bottle beer)

draft beer (live beer)
System of Government lemonade ( lemonade )
System of Government milk (milk)
System of Government mineral water (mineral water)

( ) juice?? fruit juce
System of Government, other
 (and cocoa) cocoa
 ice cream (ice cream)

sherbet ( sorbet )

[France speaking] Cafe menu
  System of Government Café (CAFE): coffee
  CAF é noir ( Cafe Noir ): black coffee
  CAF é au lait ( Cafe Oh Les ): Cafe au lait

Café é glac ( カフェグラッセ ): iced coffee
  System of Government Thé ( TE ): tea
  Th e. au citron Te Oceana ( Tron ): lemon tea

Th bébé au lait ( Te Oh Les ): milk tea
  System of Government Bi ère ( bière ): beer
  Bouteille ( ブティユ ): beer

( pression ) pression: beer
System of Government Limonade ( lemonade ): lemonade
System of Government (Les) Lait: milk
System of Government Eau min e. rales ( au-ミネラール ): mineral water

System of Government Jus de fruit ( Jeu de fruit ): fruit juice
System of Government, other
 Chocolat ( Chocolat ): cocoa
 Glac me e CR è ( claims グラッセ ): ice cream

solbet ( sorbet ): sorbet
 The note points the international café.
   1, Toilet, telephone, the underground would not have.
   Whenever the door closed locked away firmly. And electricity is always give.

Panic is the point.
     2, Tobacco is sold in Cafe “CAFE-TABAC” appears in the.

However, ※ because recent regulations becoming smaller. Note because a drink sitting 3, taken to twice be regained.


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