[Qualifications] judicial Scrivener test standard study time

Attorney lawyer tests pass until introduction of study time

To pass judicial Scrivener test standard study time is approximately 3000 hours.
Subjects are 11 subjects.
1: Test: constitutional, civil, criminal, commercial 5 questions about constitutional, civil law questions, 18 8 questions about criminal law and 4 question about MLM. 35 Questions in not scoring 26 questions about you and scoring of the second test.
Second test: is the real estate registration laws, Registre du commerce, civil law, law enforcement, civil protection law, escrow law, judicial Scrivener law.
不登 commercial climbs 8 questions, law, 16 q of 5 questions, conciliation is civil officers question law, people holding question method, method of deposit 3, Scrivener question method. And 26 out of scoring No 35 questions in still here, can’t you format to scoring.
Format: is a 2 question of the commercial registration and cadastre.
Formatting would would require approximately 75% of the score.
Weight of question 26 52 out of 210 points question 3 points, format chosing primary and secondary, 262 points total. 205 Points level because roughly pass is required, and scoring areas of 8 percent is no cannot pass the test.
But too much 3000 hours spent studying and massive test range and expertise, and practical format
At higher difficulty cannot take the high score and pass the exam, because besides hasn’t only approximately 3% of the applicants each year Close study in self-taught is impossible.


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