[Art] the origin of the Impressionist school

Impressionists including Monet’s water lilies in a famous painting. I have heard and seen in the school, what why became known and Impressionist.

“Indescribable abstract painting…” etc. “, also sometimes refers to the course’s famous paintings, or most of the”graffiti”means.
Name for the Group belonged to the painters such as Monet is called “Impressionist”.
In fact this same kind was used.

Origin of the name “Impressionism comes from the early work of Monet” impression, Sunrise “. Exhibited in 1874 (later called 1 Impressionist Exhibition) exhibition.
This exhibition, which gathered 30 companions opened, Monet and five exhibits.
Painting impression, sunrise in received the invective “simply wrote impression” that is what drew the port of Le Havre.


Age of profound things ideals and has been the photo and painting, scenes, such as history and myth, the Bible was chosen theme, graphic and colour was touted at that time.
Also said that Monet’s painting “graffiti”, and couldn’t help.
In “Impressionist” was not ill, but is taking quite some time at, established as the “ideal painting” now.


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