[Fishing] How to make fish print

“fish print said another fishing”.
Is seen making fish print yourself comfortable fishing debut is about, why not.
How fish print provides easy. 1.
Candy salt the fish’s body. 2.
Rub the Palm from the head. 3. Glare dorsal fin salt and rub from the groin to the destination.
※ Dissolving detergent in the palette, better is the fish about 30 minutes.
How that magazine cut size and shape of the fish as a device for stabilizing the fish.

How to take the direct method.

You will directly change method, as opposed to make fish printand live fish. 1.
Fill the marking, visible from above. 2.
And emphasize the darker paint is part of the fin makes good workmanship. 3.
When you are finished, painted black meant for jury-rigged stable for the magazine. 4.
Paper take fish print outside or behind the scenes on, leave moisten sprayer. 5. Paper fish, over from head to tail, rub with a cloth.
This time, leave holding head and flippers, Palm. 6.
Draw the first redaction. 7. Writes the information such as date and size of fish caught, and fishing.

Shows how the length of the fish

-Total length… started at the end powdered coal… lips which from length to the edge of the caudal fin.
-Crotch length started end of crotch of the caudal fin of length.
-Length: length from the edge started until after the end of the spine.
-Head length: length from the end started until after the end of the Gill pigs. Fish of the highest… high body-length.


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