[Art] habit of drawing lots of lines shall

When you draw a picture, not drawn line again? If if it is the habit 直しましょう soon as possible.

Lots of line overlaps when painting the rewrite many times… Never seen such a person? Maybe some people rather my say so. So, if you’re recommended early cure and habit.
This most important issue, drawing many lines ability to have not nourished. Lots of lines are overlapping, it will recognize the best in line. So the poor gun too far is ability like hit the poorest and catching the best line 1 not nourished.
Then, put up lines like I use Eraser? It is, it doesn’t make sense. From is 引ければ nice lines after I drew many times. Boot erase each that struck the paper becomes dirty.
So the first line of an image, curb the point until there. Adjust the image source, and decided draw picks, swept over the point. This is OK. But still it doesn’t work first, get used to no point best line is like intimidated.


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