Beginner illustration theory drawing 30 secs

As how to draw a picture of important is said to draw anyway. Certainly so technology will notice. But talent only who will manage it. Why draw in practice, rather than just vaguely drawn solid?

Know will sketch it 30 seconds? Is the practice of repeating drawings done in 30 seconds, as the name suggests, single-mindedly. For short time anyway, is that practice without affecting the time thinking left brain, right brain.
In a short time so do also a lot of good practice of continued every day from five. Have posed various drawing dolls images as a way, is it switched it randomly every 30 seconds, slide show only. Drawing dolls images taken from various angles good will. Suitable for practice movements pose as.
Does not of course, do this only drawing power improves or not.
This training method is a practice characteristics and movement capture only. Consider a exactly opposite of this practice 1 times per week. And observing the target is drawn. Once painted indigenous to see possible target. Anyway carefully, politely put one minute long as indigenous.
Let’s compare over two different practice law and drew 1 months before and after 1 month. That would be amazing effect is obtained.


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