How not to puncture bicycle on physical

Bicycle is useful as a convenient transportation. Their bicycle commuting to various recently has increased. For example, lack of exercise as RID. To avoid the crowded train.

As transportation plans during a power outage, etc. Is such a convenient bike, and ride it is is a tire blowout. It is good if technology and fix in place, not quite so.

While riding it punk, after press your destination but no.

But the idea is to not to puncture the tires better yet? Is pouring tire tubes (for details see Vostro page) what リペアムゲル is made from mastic company and how it is, rather than inside the tire air to rubber goods.

Eliminating in the air inside the tire, is a punk’s not mean. Of course, there are trade-offs and benefits of this process.


  • Become no longer flat
  • In the sense of always the same air pressure is highest State bicycle ride


  • The bike itself would be heavily (due to the inside of the tire rubber goods)
  • Stuck inside of the tire, when challenged, such as the difference too wildly handle tire frame cracks, breaks spoke could.

Heavy bike and helped eliminate I myself have the mono mono was originally with the tire size smaller than that.

Before the ride and almost unchanged.

Consider those troublesome NAA think punk process once is??

※ Way popular seems fine this, was the appointment.
Because you leave your bike is sometimes hire car by the store’s.


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