[Gardening] raise ornamental cabbage

Cabbage like leaves and never saw what are planted in flower beds? It is ornamental cabbage.


  1. -7-8 March If you want to watch new year do planting at this time.
    Become a little more cool if you do not need to meet the new year, is safe from any. Seeds of various varieties coming so pick what you like.
    Anything good well drained soil is okay. Where temperatures are high shade airy good 7-8 seeding, planting:
    About 15-25 degrees temperature. 20-30 Dry carefully, this after my 10 sheets be planted at intervals.
  2. 9-10, This is a growth period. Probably about this beyond the ten recently brought up during the summer, if.
    Be instilled into the sunny location. Topsoil is dry, the difference seedlings and gives water sparingly.
    A little touch of dry is fine. Fertilizer is not particularly.
  3. 11-3, Is the time of the appreciation of the leaves.
    Without anything particularly special, believing that remain friends. Cold harsh would nowadays is because of the excellent resistance especially cold do not need. I’ll get rid of under leaves, worn, frost.
  4. -Pest notes Fellow of the cabbage, is predictable, such as a green caterpillar. Let’s get rid of find.


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