[Gardening] raise Ipheion

The flowers called hanania is not necessarily separately near the Nile. Although not leading, lovely flower will bloom.


  1. 9-10, Soil provides good drainage.
    Previously, lime slightly prefer alkaline soil, so leave to neutralize the acid. Planting bulbs. If preferred the look of flowering time good at will be a little cramped.
  2. 11-2,
    This is a growth period. Believing friends in sunny day.
    Will grow in the shade, again growth is not good.
    And here is water dry topsoil. So strong in the cold, the comparatively cheek is also okay.
  3. -3-4 Month
    This is the flowering season. Blue and white flowers bloom in the star. When planted are cramped as it should is very good sight.
  4. -After the flowers Don’t so leaves entered a dormant give water.
    Landfill, also will be to put eyes around 11, intact. If you raise the digging, let it around July into dormancy. Saved bulbs / airy shade, wait until September-October.


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