[Gardening] raising the Cornus officinalis

Named branches filled with flowers in spring, Cornus officinalis red fruit to fall. Raised or in easy-to-dip?


  1. And planting way
    It is common to grow, planting and grafting. Remove the pulp from fruit ripe in autumn, remove the seeds. Well when washed with water, soon falling.
    If you sow spring filled so do not dry in damp sand store.
    The germination takes time so wait patiently. Seedlings grown from the species after 2-3 years, can be grafted rootstock.
  2. And to raise Thrive in a sunny location.
    Well, put a damper on half a day is enough. Garden planting ground if you don’t need to do something especially.
    Grow freely. Potted plants for dry topsoil to bring water and plenty. Leaf stage is exactly a good feeling in somewhat dry.
  3. And care And it is marked with a flower bud tip of a short branch, has plucked or have too grow long branches.
    Because the base is set up 切り戻して too grow long branches shorter.
    Also taken extra nutrients to cut the long branch also whilst the flower with leaves. Bad 古枝 with flowers, branches extend up from take off early.


Is pain to basically grow a pruning important because next to nature. Furthermore, the fruit is edible, chocolate was improved varieties for the home orchard varieties except avoided might. So far no tastier.


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