Planter's gardening

Introducing the flower planter, easy to grow.


  1. アリッサム Easy to grow, and enjoy long flowers. Primarily small red, purple and white 5 mm long carpet of flowers bloom closely until around 2-6,. Plant height is not high and is a strong easy to grow flowers ideal for (1)attractiveness really spread next to crawl on.
  2. Geranium Easy to grow, and enjoy long flowers. Cultivation is available to wide container (1)attractiveness, potted plants, for a simple, sturdy and easy to grow flowers, perennial rents of blooms mid-summer and mid-winter are strongly.
  3. Snapdragon Easy to grow, and enjoy long flowers. Flower planting of many strong cold in winter, enjoy the beauty of the group. In flower color, including white, yellow, pink, red, and plant height also goes from 20 cm height of 1. Applications, easy to grow, planting planter, 庭植, potted flowers so recommended.


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