[Gardening] grow Moss Pinks

Phlox is bordered on one side of ground. Why raise the flowers become Spring Green?


  1. -Planting Flowers bloomed after 5-6, much to do. Good soil drainage, somewhat prefer the dry feeling.
    You mix a little fertilizer soil and good will.
    Separately from the shares section stems from roots are out, so 植え付けましょう like it. Because we’re pretty stubborn nature somewhat messy is OK.
    Let’s afraid to extravagant. So well spread takes between stock and shares is 15-20 cm fully.
  2. And to raise It grows in sunny locations.
    Sunlight is not enough and in stems and staggeringly well with flowers is bad. Topsoil is dry, and bring water.
    It is okay to interval strongly and dry so weak and humidity give somewhat understated. So strong, cold, cold no required. “Drained”, “airy” and “sunshine” the conditions are given, you let it grow.
  3. And care Continues to grow in the same location must be like if when rubbed over shares on Sat.
    Much might be dosage soil fills the bottom half of the stem. Stiff exceeded RMB stems growing to 3-4 years too, with flowers can be bad. Aging, so what you do not.
    If you would remove at a slight part back planting new seedlings, let. Under leaves have shares and dense, airy worse dies.
    If こみあって suitably let decimated that wind through better. Furthermore, is named phlox, trampling the weak so usage such as grass cannot.
  4. -Pest notes Spider mites can occur and dry in summer. Moderately watered too dry and can prevent over and preventing mites.


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