[Gardening] foster Digitalis

Many small and Roth-shaped flowers, Foxglove aka Digitalis. Why not raise this unusual flower do?


  1. -Seeding Take the sowing is around may. Temperature for germination is 20-25 degrees, so cold and not sprouting. Sow a seed around September depending on the breed.
    It is okay if you remember may 二年草 if September grass for one year.
    Cover lightly with soil and seeds need light on germination of very shallow enough! Soil is well-drained ones! I’ll mix a little mulch and grow well.
  2. And to raise Topsoil is dry, and affects the water. Poorly drained soil but prefer slightly dry soil, hate. Followed by excessive moisture and can cause root rot.
    You okay because most growing lot sucks water extreme overfertilize given.
    Winter water less watering, then.
    No fertilizer is required. Prefer sunlight, so weak to heat in summer and airy good half-day leave behind.
    Enough sunlight 浴びせましょう otherwise. Because strong cold cold protection is not required.
  3. And care Flower blooms is one year after sowing.
    And wait. Pots in full once, replanted. Do is around 11.
    It is relatively easy to fulfilment.
    To type long flower stalk is not fall 支えましょう prop. After bloom Rod yams. To make seed and let it will be taken in nutrition. You may also leave off and hopefully put new flowers.


Is a strong, cold, heat somewhat weak flower. Strongly, pest does fertilizer so easy to grow flowers, brought by all means.


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