[Gardening] raising rape

Wearing yellow spring flowers bloom all over is a masterpiece rape. Why not grow flowers spring synonymous with?


  1. -Seeding Seeding date is around 9-11. Sprinkle the planter or garden directly.
    Soil be very easy-to-dry place is okay. So is not relocated, must decide where grow from the beginning. The burdock roots of rape growing straight, not finely branched.
    FRY this thick roots and rooted from the island is not. Between seedlings and seedlings are good at 5-6 when the sow A little crowded is the contrast between the Green and yellow is bright said.
  2. And to raise
    So prefer the sunny and meant for positive light. You must go over the winter, so very strong cold especially cold protection is required. 枯れません Frost, though.
    So rather, most cold winter blossom in spring, manage as much as possible outside. Even with strong frost seedlings lifted in ice pops up soil and wither.
    Motor, mulch is good will.
    When growing in the yard, as long as not very dry, most water is required. When raising planters dry topsoil, and jolt.
  3. And care And most cold of winter, spring is not flowering.
    We raised in outdoor winter. 3-5, Will flowers bloom. Ago leave little giving fertilizer around February.
  4. And insect pests Rape is アオムシ predictable. Let it all leaves are eaten.
    I’ll let far you find アオムシ, caught. Is good to disinfect insecticide composition not good cruciferous plants is included, so avoided as much as possible?

Notes and tips

  • Blossom and not meant for the cold of winter
  • No repotting


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