[Gardening] raising kerria

Is kerria who plastered with bright yellow upbringing.


  1. And planting way
    Includes many organic matters such as mulch the soil.
    If you raise the cutting experiment, and keep plugging them into the soil soaked, cut 10 cm from the tip of the new branch, leaving the roots. When instill do 11-3 month. When planting holes wide shallow digging, planting depth is not. 植えつけたら water and to prevent drying. You can give covering the exceeded RMB in the mulch.
  2. And to raise Don’t like the strong sunlight.
    Place, shine like better in the morning only.
    So weak, dry and dry summer, avoid easy-to-place is safe.
    So conversely very cold cold protection is not required. Topsoil is dry water is usually plenty here.
    So will no longer require water so much winter, fallen, grave’s maidservant in the. Fertilizer mixed mulch, topsoil once the winter and give it a good idea.
  3. And care Branch 切戻し are especially required.
    Nature and should not blindly cut so they come to form. Branches of momentum will weakens in 5 years.
    Rod left about 10 such branches from 枝元. You can do 11 ~ 12 month.
  4. And insect pests
    You may take on brown spot disease. You spotted the small circular illness, first sound part of the border had clear Brown, caused by mold. Polygon, or to be spotted or big gradually.
    And let the leaves will wither soon.
    Hot and humid and the preventive and so will likely occur, prune the old branch to improve the airy is desirable. If becomes a cut leaves.


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