[Gardening] raising Pansy

Pansy flower color is versatile and easy to grow. So quick? as flowers decorate the garden?


  1. And to raise If you begin planting pansies, from September.
    Horticultural vermiculite, ばらまきましょう are seeds.
    Until germination and cool shade, and after germination be brought up in the Sun. If you grow from seedlings to 11-4.
    Giving fertilizer, planting about 15-20. Soil water dry up much. However, suppose to have flourished between daily, give water.
    Allow efficient water requires attention. Is OK with this much basic parenting. Very easy?
  2. Attention, such as insect pests And grow is the pest embarrassed.
    These can prevent spraying. And if alone, such as the Ladybird from pet or that don’t want pesticides such as good will. From the Ladybird will eat aphids in the aphid pests. However, Ladybird also must not run away because, to forever and the flower…
  3. Together you want to plant and flower
    And planted with pansies clean, will forget me not and stock.
    So especially pansy flower season overlaps stock is recommended. Forget me not is a flower of spring, so can’t together during the winter months, you’re colored flowers start blooming spring perfect.


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