Featured spot to how your favorite gardening [Akita blue mess]

Seasonal bedding is recommended of Akita blue mess.

Blue mess Akita introduction

Station in Akita Prefecture road Shōwa blue mess Akita,

Very large seasonal flower beds.
Spring tulips, summer’s Sunflower, Salvia, And you can enjoy the lovely flower of the Cosmos will fall.

We recommend purchase of plants

Blue mess Akita, town of the flower said.

US sells many fresh and very sturdy flowers produced in the Syowa area or flower seedlings.
So have front porch and Hall, flower sales corner Buying plants so produced in Akita Prefecture, and enjoy gardening.

Bonsai exhibition announcements

Station Road Shōwa’s blue mess in Akita, 10/22/2011, and

Katagami bonsai lovers meeting exhibition is held (Sunday), 23.
Gives a nice bonsai expertly enthusiasts who have raised the tailoring of exhibits. The bonsai is the featured event.

Basic information on Akita blue mess

Official site URL http://www.Blume-Messe.com/


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