Enjoy the indoor gardening

Is a way to enjoy the indoor plants.

Plants are tropical or subtropical in many.

Plants for the viewing, shapes and shades of leaves
 Is that the plants are grown.
 Many tropical and subtropical produced is the feature. I think Ficus Elastica and amaranth are famous.

Your toilet and 飾りましょう plants.

On the day want to clean your toilet
Let us decorate the plants.
飾りましょう the green plants to the edge of the floor or windowsill. Space in your bathroom is clean power plants, the good air.

飾りましょう the flower fragrance to your toilet.

飾りましょう flower scent your toilet has a faint.
Is potted flowers, and you can keep a relatively long.
Other fragrant flowers, withers the flowers 飾りましょう. Effects, such as aromatic substances and your toilet is a lovely space.

飾りましょう bonsai the Japanese.

Let us decorate the bonsai Japanese.
So, if pine bonsai is evergreen, leaves will keep Green has been
 I think only Oh pine tree care, it’s easy. More Japanese will be Japan wind and calm space.

Bedroom 飾りましょう plants.

Bedroom and 飾りましょう plants.
You can enjoy the course as ornamental,
 There is action to clean the air, you can sleep and sleep. It is important to sleep and relaxing.


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