Enjoy seasonal gardening.

植えましょう feel the seasonal plants.

Blossom cherry trees planted in your garden “Spring”.

Many cherry trees let planted in your garden.
Cherry will bloom in the spring is in blossom time is short,
 You can enjoy cherry blossom in the garden. Rug, if meals, increases the fun.

植えましょう plant “Autumn”.

The plant leaves in the fall when you enjoy gardening,
 植えましょう garden is plenty enough.
 Ginkgo and is very beautiful.
And different color of the leaf leaves plant plants You can enjoy in the garden fall foliage.

植えましょう the “winter” fir tree in the garden.

Fir trees planted in your garden growing, at Christmas time
It can be illuminated, such as light, such as,

Let’s decorate.
Click on the light at night, Christmas tree, the
The Christmas mood You can enjoy.


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