[Home vegetable garden: Garden, field!

In the veranda or garden of the House a little space grow vegetables!

Materials required

  • Scoop
  • Pot
  • Vegetable seeds


  1. How to grow vegetables in spaces of the House briefly.
    Soil and corner of the garden, there not plant flowers, or a little lonely veranda. Such vegetables I’ll be 育てちゃ time!
  2. Old fluffy, then students dig in hard soil mix mixed with garbage! Soil is just finished w ( put soil pot pot, a little bit in the garbage ok )
  3. Put garbage with abandoned dig two or three days after then OK suffice it to soil,,
    Sells home centres in your favorite species to clean the flat from falling. I’m here wild people person pretty you want to roll-! It is people, spreading the moderation and
  4. Stay puts on the felt ” intersperses sows at hand from above, and so water does not focus point of the fog.
  5. Is then repeated this now and then give the water pull weeds,

Notes and tips

  • Careful to buy season kind of disappointing.


It can be made of vegetables in space was really little more variations such as lunch and dinner, Please try it.


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