Tricks to make long-lasting bouquet gotten with

When you got a bouquet, why you are?
No vase from the…
And also stock the vase just wither…

Grooming chore.
However, it in fact a little trick to clean.

It is self-taught, introduce tricks to make long-lasting bouquet. System of Government without vase beautiful decorated!

Some vases that instead
Alternative is height a little cups and glasses.
Center of gravity up tall flowers, and there are frequent, so easy to fall.

May good try using glass glass of weight.
Focus on just like a bouquet of flowers,

It is recommended to make just one small bottle mouth too.

System of Government point to long-lasting bouquet
And as soon as possible remove wrapping

Rubber band, or stem, and 傷付けたり.
-Decorate the place of Yang
Water temperature rise, where the sun hits the cut flowers

Is prone to rot and bacterial breeding.
And bleach, haiter bringing a number of water
Water less and corruption is going.

Put the ball into water 10 yen (named because sterilization effect there) also often hear.
-Remove unwanted leaves and withered
Perishable State leaves soaked in water, the water but were purely impure.
So soak in the water and part of the dead leaf is thinned out to take in hand tricks.
However, required of blooms to clean leaves and siphon water ”

Working there, so decimated too requires caution.
And to cut the stalk new
New cut siphoned water well and original mind, possession is better.
Sink or bucket water sheeting if you cut the stem into stem in water Is good and cut diagonally.


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