Kata Pan we should stop teeth is weak

So funny I found your report. Also the name of the kata bread. “Iron Kata Pan” say the bag. I think written’s health from the jaw under the product name in small letters, it also can imagine is the solidity of this product.

Didn’t hear hard candy and “Soka crackers” only until now. Even though solidity than it was this product so far that has amazed and surprised, rather than it really is. Is being used “to”hard”and”hard”is character named Katy, hard to name” how feel, it is floating. Teeth is weak, and note noted next to the bag, even more terrifying, written or not.
Flavor is not too sweet, but just is also good Ambi solidity and Katie said, even as did some solidity. You may try to eat with the family found out that one of the. And looking at how to eat is that gnawing teeth, sect and gnawing on the posterior. Living among them, moisten the sect and continue to eat and to take and leave the the was separated. And their grave handedness “red-handed teeth” may be found.
It’s in Kitakyushu examined this candy is traditionally popular products. Speaking of Kitakyushu Yahata is famous as the town of iron. Yawata was there in this candy is born as food for employees. Where such a hardness like iron just born candies.


My little is fine still do not know the world, it is. Without knowing this sweet life development a chance encounter with this candy, in May was.


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